Living Colour - Salmon Run / by Scott Stevenson

Chum Salmon-1.jpg

Each year salmon return to the rivers, lakes and stream to spawn. Every fourth year is classified as a big year. 2018 was a big year for most runs including Goldstream River on Vancouver Island.

In Goldstream, salmon appear about mid-October, and may be seen for about nine weeks, the dates varying from year to year. Of the five kinds of North American Pacific salmon it is the Chum salmon that is most abundant in this river, though you may also see some Coho and Chinook salmon, as well as the Steelhead and the Cutthroat trout.

This yawning fish is just one of hundreds that I saw and photographed as they traveled up river to their final destination.

Thanks for reading and remember to respect the fish if you are visiting Goldstream.