Gear Test - Lensball / by Scott Stevenson

Lens Ball-3.jpg

I’d been seeing this thing all over my Instagram feed over the last little while and decided to take the bait and get one.

Lensballs are a crystal orb used to create unique looking photography. They are available in 60mm and 80mm sizes. I was sent the larger 80mm size.

The ball is so perfectly clear that you can shoot pictures through the ball with any camera or any smartphone to create interesting images.

To use it, you just hold up the ball in front of your subject and then shoot through the ball with your camera.

The result is a perfectly clear 180° degree view of the subject. Yes, it’s upside down but that part of the appeal.

Unless you set the Lensball on a surface that prevents it from rolling away, you’ll need to hold the ball in one hand while holding a camera in your other hand which can feel a little awkward.

Lastly, you should also be careful not to leave the Lensball unattended outdoors on a bright sunny day. It can act like a magnifying glass and in the right environment, it’s possible that it could accidentally start a fire if the sun shines through it on to dry flammable material or burn your hand like my buddy found out.

Lets be honest its a little bit gimmicky but fun to find new ways to get creative!

Thanks for reading.