Endangered but not yet Extinct / by Scott Stevenson

Something totally special. It isn’t very often I get a chance to see and photography a critically endangered species but on my last trip to the interior I did. What a wonderful moment!

North American Badger-1.jpg

Badgers are carnivorous mammals that live in the grasslands and dry forests of the interior of British Columbia. Even though we live with badgers, not many people are fortunate enough to see one because badgers generally move around at night and are secretive by nature.

Unfortunately, badgers are endangered in British Columbia. Although they were likely widespread up to the late 1800’s, it is believed that probably less than 350 badgers live here now. The grasslands and dry forests of the Thompson, Okanagan, Boundary, Nicola, Cariboo, and East Kootenay regions are home to most of the remaining badgers in BC.

Habitat loss, through housing developments and intensive agriculture, and deaths caused by highways, shooting, and poisoning, are contributors to the decline of badger populations in BC.

In fading light, my buddy I was on the trip with spotted this little creature as we were diving along the highway. Total blind, dumb luck.

The light was fading so we pulled over, jumped out of the truck and climbed under a fence into the field. This little guy stuck with us for about five minutes before the light got really low and he disappeared back underground.

Such a perfect end to our amazing trip!

Be animal wise everyone, take care of you and take care of them. We can’t let these or any other animals disappear from our planet.

Thanks for reading.