Muddy, mucky, murky mess / by Scott Stevenson

Great Sculpin

Had a chance to dive a secluded little spot just east of one of the more popular dive sites in Victoria 10 Miles Point. 

I knew the visibility was going to be low so I hooked up my macro set up and stepped into a muddy, mucky, murky mess. The tide was very low which hampered entering and exiting and the surface of the water was covered in a thick green slime. Beautiful! 

Once below it was dark even with the sun out. The particulate in the water hung heavy, limiting even the bottom as I descended. On the bottom a lair of silt coated the kelp and with each move I made the silt clouded the water column like someone exhaling after puffing on an e-cigarette. 

Finding something to shoot in these conditions was going to be tough, but a love a good challenge. Sometimes condition like these yield some of the best encounters because rare and seldom seen critters us the silt and bad vis to conceal their movements and enables them to hunt during the day rather than at night.

In the end I manage to snap few shots that I'm happy with. Diving in places like these can be a total crap shoot but can also be really rewarding. I'll definitely come back to this spot, lots of little things to see and shoot.

The only sad face on the dive...