Planes, trains and automobiles Part 1 / by Scott Stevenson

First stop, Las Vegas. This was a first for me. Never have I ventured to the mecca of excess that is Las Vegas but for three days we did everything Vegas we could. 

It was fun, a little gambling, a little drinking and a lot of walking. Twenty three kilometers, according to pedometer on my iPhone on one of the days not including hopping on and off the monorail a few times. 

Managed to get hustled during one of our walks as well, not for a lot of money but enough that I'll remember it. Just part of the experience I guess. 

We booked an AirBnB suite at the MGM Grand Signature. Beautiful place in tower one. Fully furnished and access to all the amenities the both the Signature and MGM had to offer. 

I've never really had a thing for lions, but after spending a few days around the MGM. I kinda started to dig them.  

For those off you who don't know I hate heights. I can dive to the deepest of depths but I hate heights (childhood trauma, a story for another day.) In the spirit of trying new things, namely roller coasters, my so called friends convinced me to take a ride on the New York New York coaster. Well it sucked, a great view, the few times I opened my eyes but it still sucked. The skee ball was far more fun after, that for sure.

Admittedly, Vegas is filled with wondrous sights for sure weather it the buildings, the lights, the shows or the people there are certain things that just need to be seen and the fountain show at the Bellagio is one of them. Its short, and patriotic but really cool.

Vegas is diverse and some is geared for the wealthy, and some has a little more character. This is one of those places. Its dirty Vegas for sure. Go because its an adventure on its own, go because of the creepy white clown statue the entrance, go because your girlfriends parents got married there and you just have to see the chapel. Yikes!  

It seems that everyone is gambling something in Vegas. Their health, their money, their grip on sanity. Whatever it is I needed to partake and I actually manage to win something. I know its not much but it happened at some point during the very early morning hours after drinking very heavily. Who knew you got free drinks even if you play penny slots.

Vegas is a cesspool, I don't have the words that would lend themselves to the human hustle that happens there. The open market of excess is sickening considering all of the depravity that is in plain site no matter where you turn while wandering from glittery building to the next. If you haven't been, then go, at least it will be entertaining.

This was only the start of our trip and we had so much more to do and see.