Painted Pastels by Scott Stevenson

Brush Fires-1.jpg

Sometimes I’m in a spot that just works. The light is right, I brought the right gear and the moment is perfect. This was one of those times.

Top of a mountain in central Australia at sunset.

Find your moment.


Almost Time to Return by Scott Stevenson

Sockeye Salmon-1.jpg

It’s almost that time again, I can’t wait to head back to the Adams River in just a few weeks to get some more shots of these gorgeous fish.

The yearly migration has just started and I’m very interested to see how many fish return after last years “big year.” Millions of salmon return each year but only every five years is classified as a big one, we shall see.

Fingers crossed for more wonderful images!


Living Colour - Dressed for Success by Scott Stevenson

Decorator Carb-1.jpg

Hidden in plain sight, this Decorator Crab is a wonderful example of how they can camouflage into the rocks and reefs they inhabit.

These kind of crabs are wonderful macro subjects but can be really tough to find if they have put the right outfit on.

Good luck and happy snapping.


Friends for Lunch by Scott Stevenson

Whitetail Deer-3.jpg
Whitetail Deer-1.jpg
Whitetail Deer-2.jpg

Sometimes you don’t have to go very far to see wonderful wildlife. A couple of bucks decided to come over and have a little lunch. Feasting on apples from the tree, grape leaves and strawberry bushes.

Wandered right into the backyard, stayed for an hour or so and then casually wondered back out onto the street.

Pretty awesome to see some peaceful animal human interactions.

Enjoy your day everyone!


Golden Flight by Scott Stevenson


Looking for owls and finding eagles. Certain parts of the lower mainland are home to several species of owls and the fall is a great time to try and photograph them, however as we all may have experienced nature doesn’t always cooperate. One this particular day I never even managed to see an owl let alone photograph one.

But it wasn’t all bad, the area was filled with a few hundred Bald and Golden Eagles one of which was very happy to just hang out while I was taking a few images.

If your shooting underwater or above you just have to make the best of the situation and enjoy every moment nature throws at you.


Living Colour - Dragons by Scott Stevenson

Yellow Lizard-1.jpg

These may not be the things of myth and legend but when they are as big as a small dog you definitely take notice. These guys can’t fly but they can sure run.

Watchout for your lunch you might end up hungry!


Moody Blues by Scott Stevenson

Chesterman Beach-1.jpg

Life on the west coast can be cold and brutal at times, dark and stormy but then you have evening to lookout and embrace the nature, soak in all that surrounds you.

Sunsets at Chesterman Beach in Tofino never get old.