Scott Stevenson is a freelance photojournalist who specializes in the underwater world of the Pacific Northwest. After spending years working as an underwater photographer, Scott has honed his craft into becoming one of the most successful underwater image makers in the Pacific Northwest. He has been published in a variety of magazines, and contributes regularly to a number of online publications. His love of the oceans started at a very early age, eventually leading him down the path to become a scuba instructor, underwater photographer and dive charter owner. Photography has taken him to many parts of the world and he has experienced some of the most unique things this planet has to offer. From swimming with Hammerhead sharks in Malpelo, to close encounters with Giant Pacific Octopus, these adventures have given him a great perspective on the world. 

Scott is a proud contributing member to several marine and environmentally conscious agencies.

If you're interested in having a consultation with Scott regarding photography or commissioning any images please contact him.